Who We Are

We are a software product company based in New York. Our team is built of talented and dedicated engineers passionate about creating powerful and user friendly capabilities that empower the user. We always partner with professionals such as risk managers and insurance underwriters to ensure our software remains tailored to the profession. Our leaders are former senior executives from IBM with strong connection to Cornell University.

What We Do

We leverage the latest technology to build the most advanced Risk Management Information System (RMIS) with real time data analytics and visualization solutions for Property and Business Interruption risk management. We aim to help our clients manage and transform their large amounts of data into actionable business insight through a user friendly interface. Our innovative approach to Nat-CAT risk mapping, data collection, claims monitoring and asset management make Maptycs one of the most performing RMIS solutions on the market.

Our Expertise

We use advanced technologies such as Spark, Cassandra, memSQL (in-memory DB) ReactJS, Node.JS, Java and NoSQL DB to provide the highest level of performance and a definitive advantage over the market’s current RMIS solutions. We’ve also developed our own cloud based Geographic Information System (GIS) and a broad set of proprietary algorithms to deliver increased performance while managing large datasets on mobile devices. We believe a superior user experience requires great technical performances.

Our Advisory Board of Industry Experts

Ernest Legrand


Erwann Michel-Kerjan

Risk and Insurance Expert

Jacqueline Legrand

MDS Group