May 20 2022 – “Risk professionals need modern, agile and intuitive technology solutions to get smart insights in real time from 21st century complex data sets.” Jacqueline Legrand, MaptycsCEO & Co-founder
Jacqueline Legrand was moderating a Panel on “Data, Risk Management and Insurance in the 21st Century” at the Risk-In Forum in Zurich, Switzerland with Dawn Miller (Commercial Director at the Lloyd’s of London), Franck Baron (Chairman of PARIMA and Group Deputy Director Risk Management & Insurance at International SOS), and Didier Odorico (Director Risk Management Integrated Supply Chain at BD).

Here are some takeaways of their discussion:

  • Smart insights result from data combined with technology and people expertise.
  • Data, expertise, and technology are increasingly available in the industry.
  • The next step is to find efficient ways of sharing across the value chain for the benefits of all stakeholders.
  • As the risk landscape is evolving fast, trust and transparency between insurers, insureds and brokers are critical to maintain economically acceptable insurance costs for organizations and the Society.