Advanced Risk Analysis

All the tools you need to quickly and accurately assess your portfolio assets

and make the best decision to avoid, mitigate, retain, or transfer risk.

advancedrisk 1024x682 - Advanced Risk Analysis - Redesign

Accumulation Tracking

Simply choose a radius or a zip code to automatically
  • Calculate and visualize your portfolio values accumulations
  • Map your assets against CAT zones
  • Complete gap analysis
  • Review your insurance limits
  • Identify exposure accumulation

What-If Scenarios

CAT events don’t always happen in defined CAT zones.

Draw shapes on Maptycs geo-spatial map and create custom “what if” scenarios to swiftly quantify potential losses and better understand what risk transfer and mitigation is needed.


The Maptycs Solution to Risk

Accurate risk exposure assessment to improve risk identification & prevention

Privacy created with insurance in mind.

Dynamic data management for optimal risk transfer & retention strategy

Proactively manage real-time catastrophic events to ensure business continuity

Seeing is believing

Data visualization, analytics, and custom reporting on a powerful, user-friendly interface.