See your risk exposure
as it exists in the real world.

Visualizing data is the fastest, most effective way to understand and analyze today’s increasing amount of data.

Gain immediate insight.

All your data visualized on a geospatial map, so that you can focus on
what matters and spend less time making sense of spreadsheets.

Easy Data Upload.

Large Datasets?
Various Formats?
Multiple Sources?

No Problem.

Property portfolios
Schedule of values, COPE information, supply chain data
Natural catastrophes &
historical maps
From various insurers and CAT modeling providers
Emergency response
Police stations, firehouse departments, hospitals, and embassies
Information from
government Agencies
Including FEMA flood risk zones and nuclear sites

Proprietary GIS

Built on big data technology and our proprietary Geographic Information System (GIS), Maptycs provides the best performing geospatial technology.
Advanced visualization
View all assets on a geospatial map to get a clear picture of your portfolio and total exposure.
Visual Reporting
Map your property assets against CAT zones maps and real time weather events
Risk Identification
All selections are visualized on the map and as a detailed table
Dynamic & Flexible Filtering
Visualize your portfolio assets by any value for accurate planning, analysis & decision making.

Transform your risk exposure data
into actionable insights.

Learn how Maptycs can elevate your risk management.

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