Transform your risk exposure data into actionable insights.

Data visualization, analytics, and custom reporting on a powerful, user friendly interface.

Risk Analytics That Empowers

No more rigid data models.
Ensure a more complete
view of your risk exposure.
Instant visualization of risk data,
hazard maps and real-time
weather events.
User Friendly
Intuitive to use and quick to pick up.
Designed to work for you, not the
other way around.
   Data Visualization

All your data on one map

Quickly upload and visualize large datasets from proprietary, public, and third-party sources for faster and more accurate analysis.

“Maptycs helps us map our assets portfolio in their local environment and anticipate the risks for our clients. It is powerful and easy to use for our team.”


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   Advanced Risk Analysis

Quickly define, assess, and communicate your risk strategy.

Graphically select areas to create custom "what if" scenarios.
Calculate and visualize portfolio value aggregates based on radius or zip code.
Map portfolio data against CAT zones.
Complete gap analysis and review insurance limits.
   Real-Time Monitoring

Proactive response requires
real-time information.

Track weather events as they unfold to swiftly calculate projected losses and proactively manage loss mitigation, event planning, and crisis response.

“Between the real time notifications and the custom event scenarios, I’m able to identify and assess my risk exposure much quicker and more accurately than before, both locally and globally.”

– Revlon USA

   Custom Reporting

Visualize Analyze - Strategize

Create custom reports with actionable insights in seconds to spot trends, share with stakeholders, and use in risk transfer negotiation.
“With Maptycs we were able to better understand our portfolio and its spread of risk. The reports saved us time during renewals.”

– Scientific Games USA

   Additional Modules

Claims consolidation module

Aggregate claim information from various sources, perform in-depth analysis, and produce combined reports

Policies management module

Facilitate policies tracking and automate policies' reports to support the renewal process.

Business intelligence module

Compare assets financial values to external data in order to uncover threats and possibilities over time. The business intelligence module explores recurring and predictable data patterns.


No more rigid data models.<br /> Ensure a more complete<br /> view of your risk exposure.


No more rigid data models.<br /> Ensure a more complete<br /> view of your risk exposure.


No more rigid data models.<br /> Ensure a more complete<br /> view of your risk exposure.

Seeing is believing.

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