Monitor real time events
and instantly grasp their impacts.

Real-time weather and event monitoring to ensure
rapid response and proactive risk management.
Real Time Feeds
Increase preparation time and
reduce infrastructure damage by
monitoring real time weather
events geospatially mapped
against all portfolio assets.
Proactive Risk
Respond to potential crises
events before they happen.
Event Planning
Prepare for and handle
crises events by calculating
what-if scenarios.
Loss Mitigation
Track catastrophes to
allocate resources and
ensure business continuity.
Immediate assessment
Quantify potential losses in real
time, and proactively manage
loss mitigation and crisis response.
Always be in the know
Stay actively informed with custom
email notification triggers during
Nat Cats and weather-related perils.

Transform your risk exposure data
into actionable insights.

Learn how Maptycs can elevate your risk management.

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