Exposure Management

By geocoding all locations and displaying them on a map, Maptycs allows users to  assess natural catastrophe exposures across their entire portfolio and easily identify which properties are in high risk zones.

Event Planning & Analysis

Maptycs enables immediate assessment of current or what-if scenarios to quantify projected losses. Email notifications alert users when an imminent events approach a location.

Portfolio Management

Maptycs centralizes risk management, real estate, and specialized business data  to support effective risk identification, investment decisions, and data-driven negotiations.

Threat Monitoring

Users can tack a storm throughout its course and anticipate outcomes early on. Real time calculations and reporting provide actionable business insight.

Maptycs was built with expertise from top insurance professionals and the latest technology.

The user friendly tool empowers professionals and enables them to understand and assess their property & business interruption risk exposure through a fast, intuitive platform.

Visualization and Analysis with Maptycs


Maptycs transforms the traditional data view and reporting process by presenting a massive amount of data in an interactive, manageable way right on a map that empowers users. Risk Managers, asset managers, brokers, and investment managers can better understand, analyze  and report on an increasing amount of data with Maptycs.

  • Proactively Reduce Risk
  • Create Stronger Market Submissions
  • Negotiate Premiums
  • Exceed Client Expectations
  • Increase Productivity
  • Maintain Profitability and Solvency
  • Decrease Expenses
  • Work Anytime, Anywhere
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“Maptycs allows risk managers and insurers to make instant assessments of their property and business interruption exposure, identify and monitor local events and produce customized reports”
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“Maptycs, a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform, modernizes the risk management process in the insurance industry.”