For Risk and Insurance Professionals.

A single platform to address your risk visualization,
analytics, and custom reporting needs.


Risk Managers

  • Optimize TCOR through enhanced risk exposure and risk transfer assessment.
  • More accurate risk analysis for improved risk prevention and supply chain management.
  • Ensure business continuity and proactive crisis management via real-time weather event monitoring.
  • Improved negotiation with underwriters on risk transfer T&C with consolidated data.
  • Clearly communicate risk management strategy to all stakeholders through customized reports and visualized data.

Captive Managers

  • Quickly visualize risk accumulation for CAT exposures.
  • Provide insureds with real-time information on weather event magnitude and potential losses.
  • Share more accurate risk mitigation advice through customized reports and visualized data.
  • Easily compare data across entire portfolio to analyze historical trends and identify business opportunities.
  • Consolidate and standardize data across multiple formats and sources.
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  • Instantly calculate potential losses during catastrophic events.
  • Visualize risk accumulation for CAT exposures.
  • Track the entire portfolio in a single platform to assess total risk exposure.
  • Ensure underwriting work remains within company capacity and/or within reinsurance treaties limits.
  • Share customized reports to provide insured with a clear view of their property risk exposure that support their technical underwriting.

Transform your risk exposure data
into actionable insights

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