Manage property and climate
risk exposure.

Leverage location intelligence data with advanced geospatial technology.

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MAPTYCS® is a geospatial solution for property risk exposure analysis and event response. The platform manages property portfolios data combined with external location risk intelligence data from renowned third-party providers and governmental agencies. It helps risk professionals to assess property risks across portfolios or at a single location level, track accumulations of values in any geographical perimeter, mitigate and project losses in real-time, using a powerful notifications system.  MAPTYCS® is powerful, easy to use, and can be integrated to existing systems via APIs.


We work with insurance companies, MGAs, wholesalers, brokers, and risk managers around the world.


We recognize that data is only as useful as the insights you draw from it

Data visualization

All your data on one map

Real time threat monitoring

Monitor real time events to manage crisis response

Advanced risk analysis

Quickly assess property risk exposures and vulnerabilities

Custom reporting

Smarter decisions require smarter reports

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We have integrated external data solutions from best-in class location risk intelligence data providers and governmental organizations to help clients better assess their property and climate risk globally.

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