Our mission is to eliminate
the roadblocks between
data and decision making.

Visualizing data is the fastest, most effective way to understand
and analyze today’s increasing amount of data.

At Maptycs, we recognize that data is only as useful as the insights you draw from it.

Maptycs is created to address the real-world property risk needs of risk managers, captive managers, insurers, and underwriters.

Great decision making requires speed, accuracy, and depth in analysis, which means the tools you rely on should be flexible, easy to use, and powerful.

Whether you’re defining your risk management strategy, negotiating risk transfer programs, or proactively managing a crisis, Maptycs makes it easy to quickly and effectively assess your risk exposure.

Our Core Values

innovation - About Us

Innovation as Our Approach

We are committed to leading the risk and insurance industry. We work to stay ahead of the curve, not keep pace.

service - About Us

Service as Our Motivation

We are driven by the need to help our customers, not ourselves. We communicate with intent, purpose, and transparency.
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Simplicity as Our Intention

We approach our platform to make our customers’ lives easier. Our mission is to eliminate roadblocks, not create more.