74% of executives recognize skill gap in addressing three main classes of climate risk.

KPMG outlines the three major classes of climate risk in their worldwide executives study: physical risk, transitional risk, and liability risks. With almost three-quarters of executives recognizing a skill gap in addressing these issues, organizations must invest more in #risktech to bolster their ability to proactively address these issues. #insurtech #climaterisk #riskmanagement

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Global losses from climate risk up 44% in 2020.

Natural disasters from climate risk caused over $210 billion in losses in 2020, representing an almost 44% increase from 2019. With less than two-thirds of those losses being insured, risk and insurance professionals should be proactive in protecting their organizations as the same trend of greater climate risk continues in 2021. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #climaterisk

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