The risks that you don’t know.

“You cannot manage your risk if you don’t know what your risk is. It’s the risks that you don’t know about that will be the problem, and you cannot do that without a data-driven and tech-enabled risk management approach.” – Barbara Porco, Fordham Business School. Risk awareness is prerequisite to risk management. Identify actionable insights…

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UN Climate Risk initiatives to shift how risk management frameworks constructed.

With news from the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference indicating a stronger international commitment to combatting climate change, insurers should expect rising carbon prices to shift investment and risk mitigation strategies for the short- and long-term future. Integrating climate risk into risk management frameworks is a must for risk and insurance professionals, and those who…

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Good data equals great talent.

“Without good data, you don’t even really have a ticket to the race.” Effective risk mitigation starts with great risk data depth and consolidation. Attracting new analytics talent into the insurance industry requires a more in-depth look at how analytics are approached by your organization. Maptycs provides clients with custom reporting, real-time risk monitoring, and…

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Speed and Time is Everything in Insurance.

For risk and insurance professionals, speed and time is everything – in responding to catastrophic events, in innovating products, and assessing risks. Bolster your risk management capabilities with Maptycs by identifying actionable insights hidden in your risk exposure data and always stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #insuranceindustry

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