NOAA updates 2020 hurricane season forecast.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revised their 2020 hurricane season forecast to “extremely active” yesterday, as several U.S. states begin to recover from Hurricane Isaias. This change reinforces the importance of carefully monitoring weather events in real-time to adjust risk management strategies, as plans made one day can quickly become moot with new…

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Geospatial analytics for post-event analysis

Geospatial analytics and computer vision adds a more “comprehensive view of pre- and post-catastrophe events such as hurricanes, floods, or wildfires.” Especially in a time when Covid-19 will compound with severe weather impacts, accurate post-event analysis will determine future risk mitigation efforts. #risktech #insurtech #geospatialdata #GIS #insuranceindustry #climaterisk

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Hurricane Isaias the first of many this hurricane season.

Hurricane Isaias’s status and its impacts change hour by hour, reminding insurers and risk professionals that rapid response requires accurate tracking, quick and efficient communication, and developed risk strategies. Hurricane Isaias is likely the first of many this #hurricaneseason, so risk and insurance professionals must take greater steps and tech investments to properly mitigate against…

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