It was Maptycs® first time at ITC Vegas annual event and we had a productive conference. It was inspiring, exciting … and #exhausting 😊

Ernest discussed data and ethics in the commercial sustainability event organized by Sabine VanderLinden (Alchemy Crew), Lisa Wardlaw (MIS) and Matt Ferguson (Sønr). We heard from top notch experts and Bill Pieroni (Acord) wrapped it up with brio!

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Sustainable underwriting requires expertise, data, technology, and transparency

Maptycs® looks forward to the commercial sustainability conversation at InsureTech Connect conference in Vegas. Smart underwriting requires people expertise, a mix of curated historical & real-time data, and powerful technology platforms to combine and analyze multiple datasets better and faster. sustainable underwriting will increasingly rely on trust and transparency between insurers, insureds, and brokers to improve risk prevention and mitigation, and to maintain economically acceptable insurance costs for organizations and the Society.

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NOAA expects 60% above-normal Atlantic hurricane season

Climate change is causing pervasive extreme weather, and the insurance market has experienced a rise of catastrophic losses due to flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts over the past few years. With losses mounting, the key challenge for property underwriters to remain competitive and generate underwriting profits is to consolidate in real-time increasingly complex datasets to build an accurate picture of their risk exposure and compute adequate premiums. The ability to monitor severe weather events is equally critical to optimize the deployment of claims management resources and set aside adequate reserves for claims payouts.

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