What the Insurance Industry Needs

“The industry needs a more holistic platform that has the ability to provide real-time relevant insights from multiple data sources.” Maptycs’ platform uncovers actionable insights hidden in your risk exposure data with real-time weather monitoring, custom reporting, and geospatial analytics. Connect with our team to see Maptycs in action. #risktech #insuranceindustry #insurtech #riskmanagement

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What does impactful insurtech look like?

Successful #insurtech integration requires a deep understanding of the insurance industry, with its nuances in data protection, regulatory changes, and shifting risks. It’s not just the tech, it’s maximizing the effectiveness to impact your organization. Maptycs’ founding team brings four decades of experience in insurance leadership to continuously develop and evolve the Maptycs platform. Connect…

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Global supply chains require a global view of climate risks.

The UN’s IPCC report highlights the broad ripple effects from extreme weather events. The globalized nature of supply chains requires risk and insurance professionals to maintain a bird’s eye view of increasing climate risks and avoid siloed or reactive risk management strategies. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement

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Insurance innovation requires consistency in complexity.

Innovation in the insurance industry must be a long-term, fully integrated approach to ensure sustainable growth for how your organization works. Success relies on consistency in complexity. #insurtech #risktech #insuranceindustry #riskmanagement

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