SEC reveals considered climate risk disclosure requirements.

SEC mandatory climate risk disclosures, set to be announcements at the end of the year, will require consistent, comparable, and “decision-useful” reporting. In a follow-up to March’s announcement, the SEC is also considering industry-specific metrics as stricter standards are planned to be set. Custom reporting and geospatial analytics are crucial to understand and mitigate climate…

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New study underscores global breadth of climate risks.

A new study underscored the variety of risks multiplied by climate change, including declining air quality, natural hazards, and water availability, as well as the likelihood of major heat stress throughout various major cities. Risk managers, insurers, and underwriters must be prepared with proactive resilience and more nuanced analytics to effectively mitigate the growing risks.…

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Complexity and breadth of climate change risk metrics.

The diversity of data for the physical and transitional risk of climate change is wide and complex, and they require different datasets that are calculated differently. Accurately understanding their impacts on your organization’s portfolio demands bespoke scenarios and geospatial awareness of interactions. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #climaterisk

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