UN report details power of geospatial data in making evidence-based decisions.

The United Nations’ report this week details how geospatial data and analytics have dramatically improved disaster risk management, natural resource management, and climate risk, noting “The effective integration of geospatial data has proven instrumental to deliver timely information necessary to make evidenced-based decisions.” Use geospatial analytics with Maptycs to transform your risk exposure data into…

Geospatial analysis crucial in Kenya’s response to Covid-19.

Geospatial analysis has dramatically improved disaster response to Covid-19 by improving emergency resource management and spatial awareness of high-need locations. The applications by Kenya showcase how various organizations can take advantage of new #insurtech to support their own companies. #risktech #riskmanagement #propertyrisk #climaterisk #covid19 #rapidresponse

Effective risk management entails effective communication and collaboration.

Effective property risk management entails coordination with local utilities and emergency response units, both in bolstering modeling with more accurate information and in rapid response. Insurtech that opens up communication lines are crucial to developing and maintaining risk strategies across various locations. Maptycs platform seamlessly brings together data from multiple sources and formats to quickly…

Maptycs Named to InsurTech100 Ranking

Fintech Global Recognizes Maptycs Among the Most Innovative Solutions Providers in the Insurance Industry New York, NY — November 5, 2020 — Today, Maptycs (http://www.maptycs.com), an insurtech company that uses geospatial visualization and advanced analytics technology to help insurance professionals better assess property risk exposure, map assets against natural perils, and monitor severe weather events…

Better communication through advanced insurtech can expand greater business with existing clients.

Communicating property risk should be wide-ranging and include large number of stakeholders. Insurers must place a greater emphasis on incorporating #insurtech to close insurance gaps and provide more advanced coverage for existing and new clients as businesses continue adjusting post-pandemic. #riskmanagement #riskanalytics https://www.propertycasualty360.com/2020/11/02/how-to-expand-your-book-of-business-through-existing-clients-2/