Maptycs is an evolutionary risk mapping & analytics solution that helps risk and insurance professionals transform risk exposure data in actionable insights.

Financial Times

“Maptycs allows risk managers and insurers to make instant assessments of their property and business interruption exposure, identify and monitor local events and produce customized reports”

CIO review

“Maptycs, a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform, modernizes the risk management process in the insurance industry.”

WEC copy

Mentioned in the article, The Rejuvenation of Insurance, This is Why it Matters, published in the WEC for our contribution to the insurance industry’s transformation through modern technology solutions and high performance GIS.


Maptycs transforms and consolidates your risk and insurance data making it not only easier access, but easier to analyze and spot trends.

Effective portfolio management supports effective risk identification, investment decisions, and data-driven negotiations.

Maptycs helps better understand total risk exposure for natural catastrophes and weather related perils at any given time, in any geographic location, helping tomake better risk management decisions.

Maptycs users view their assets on a map alongside a variety of exposure layers and feeds, quickly assess exposure, identify assets in high risk zones, and analyze aggregates in CAT zones.

Maptycs simplifies claims, providing a streamlined interface to track open and closed claims, create reports, and spot trends.

We even link your claims to specific locations and/or policies for additional convenience and insight.

Maptycs includes a proprietary GIS we created to provide the fastest, most performing mapping and analysis. Maptycs started as a map based tool for risk assessment, and while we grow and expand our features, we have kept the focus on mapping and spatial analytics.


  • “Maptycs helps us map our assets portfolio in their local environment and anticipate the risks for our clients. It is powerful and easy to use for our team.” – Dawn Miller, CEO, AXA US
  • “With Maptycs we were able to better understand our portfolio and its spread of risk. The reports saved us time during renewals.” – Scientific Games, USA
  • “Between the real time notifications and the custom event scenarios, I’m able to identify and assess my risk exposure much quicker and more accurately than before, both locally and globally” – Revlon, USA

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