Data Visualization

All your data on one map
  • Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation Services Quickly upload and visualize large datasets from proprietary, public, and third-party sources for faster and more accurate analysis.
  • This includes your property portfolios exposure data, natural catastrophes maps, historical events, information from government agencies & emergency response organizations.
  • We are building partnerships with the best data providers & CAT modeling companies in the industry, including IBM / The Weather Company.

Advanced risk analysis

Quickly assess property risk exposures and vulnerabilities
  • Visualize property assets on a geospatial map to get a quick view on the spread of values of your portfolio.
  • Map portfolio data against CAT zones.
  • Calculate and visualize accumulations of values on selected radius or geographic area.
  • Draw shapes on the map to create custom “what if” scenarios and quickly analyze risk exposures in selected areas.

Real time threat monitoring

Monitor real time events to manage crisis response

Track weather events as they unfold to swiftly calculate projected losses and proactively manage loss mitigation, business continuity, and crisis response.

Custom reporting

Smarter decisions require smarter reports

Create custom, dynamic, and interactive reports quickly to identify actionable insights and share your analyses with stakeholders.

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