Captive Review – Q&A: Jacqueline Legrand, Maptycs

With the rise of natural disasters and the explosion of high-quality local data, risk managers and captive owners need to consolidate at a faster pace increasingly complex datasets to obtain timely actionable insights. Jacqueline Legrand, CEO of Maptycs, believes that the only way to do it right is to invest in performing and flexible technology.

Being resourceful and going fast in the perfect storm – Insurance Coffee House Podcast with Jacqueline Legrand

Being resourceful and going fast in the perfect storm – Insurance Coffee House Podcast with Jacqueline Legrand, CEO & Co-Founder, Maptycs®

“You want to sell a tech solution on the business use case and not on technical capabilities. We are here to help people perform better”, says Jacqueline.
She talks through her journey from starting her career with IBM to falling in to the insurance industry and holding senior leadership Brokerage positions across four continents, before co-founding New York-based insurtech Maptycs in 2016 as response to client need.  


Data, Risk Management and Insurance in the 21st Century

May 20 2022 – “Risk professionals need modern, agile and intuitive technology solutions to get smart insights in real time from 21st century complex data sets.” Jacqueline Legrand, MaptycsCEO & Co-founder Jacqueline Legrand was moderating a Panel on “Data, Risk Management and Insurance in the 21st Century” at the Risk-In Forum in Zurich, Switzerland with…

FinTech Global Ranks Maptycs Among Most Innovative Insurtech Providers Shaping the Future of the Industry

October 26, 2021 – Today, Maptycs (, an insurtech company that uses geospatial visualization and advanced analytics technology to help insurance professionals manage property risk exposure, assess climate change impacts, and monitor severe weather events in real-time, announced it had been named to FinTech Global’s InsurTech100 ranking for a second consecutive year. According to Fintech…

Transforming Risk Exposure Data Into Actionable Insights – Interview with Jacqueline Legrand, Co-Founder of Maptycs

In the new Insurtech Insights interview, our CEO Jacqueline Legrand shares her insights on the future of the insurance industry and how Maptycs is continuing to redefine next-generation risk analytics. “As underwriters gain efficiency and greater ability to leverage large amounts of data, the insurance industry as a whole can better serve the markets domestically…

See the Whole Board – Geospatial Visualization.

In chess, the saying “see the whole board” refers to understanding how all the pieces interact with each other and keeping track of all the tactical options – both offense and defense – available. Tunnel vision will very easily result in a quick loss or the missing of a swift victory. Geospatial visualization is the…