Accurate Geocoding

Maptycs geocodes all locations and displays them on a map. Viewing assets on a map creates a clear picture of where locations are, not possible via spreadsheet or table.

Threat Monitoring

Users can quickly calculate projected losses during an event and  proactively manage a crisis. Leveraging Maptycs to create what-if scenarios gives a better understanding of exposure and drives business continuity.

Event Planning & Analysis

Maptycs helps, identify, assess, manage, and control risk exposure.  Users can create current or what if scenarios to quantify potential losses and better understand what risk transfer and risk mitigation is needed.

Rule Based Notifications

Set up notifications to alert of nat CATS and weather perils as well as to track activity in your account and trigger reporting and response.


Do  more than aggregate values with Maptycs reports. Custom, detailed reports summarize and communicate risk in order to identify and prioritize risk and help create a risk based action plan.

Claims Consolidation

Upload spreadsheets from multiple sources, Maptycs helps to standardize claims information for more accurate, useful assessment

Custom, Granular Permissions

Permissions created with insurance in mind. Administrators have total control over who can upload and view information. Advanced permissions support collaboration among departments.


Integrated, Connected Data

Maptycs makes it easy to upload data from multiple sources, in many formats. The system supports dynamic data management while connecting asset, policy and claim information for optimal efficiency. 

Consultative Support

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We work with top insurance experts and can help set up Maptycs to fit your specific needs.


Easy to Use

Maptycs enhances your Risk Management Process improving how you collect, manage, and analyze all of your risk and insurance data through a user friendly interface with advanced analytics and real time reporting.

Maptycs is Easy to Use

  • Intuitive Interface: Simple and clean, designed with Insurance professionals
  • Flat: Accomplish your goal with less clicks
  • No forced workflow: Work how you want

Gain Immediate Insight

Visualizing data is the fastest, most effective way to understand and analyze today’s increasing amount of data. Along with internal company data, Maptycs can integrate data from third parties, no matter how large the dataset.

Transform your claims, policies, and locations data into actionable insight with Maptycs.

Maptycs is 400x faster than traditional systems

  • Real Time Analytics: Analyze aggregates in CAT zones
  • Interactive Reports: Drill down and assess total cost of risk
  • Immediate Assessment: Quantify potential losses in real time
  • Visual Data: Colorize and assess massive datasets like FEMA flood zones

Our advanced geospatial capabilities allow Maptycs to digitally map any geographic datasets. FEMA’s flood zones in the US and all demographic data are just 2 examples.

Real-time Feeds

Real time feeds for weather related events and natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, earthquakes and more send alerts to Maptycs users based on rule-based alert settings.

Reporting and Analytics

Maptycs provides immediate business insight displayed through easy to understand visuals. Real time analytics and custom reports help Maptycs users assess exposure, analyze aggregates, spot trends, make quality market submissions and more.

Maptycs is Flexible

Flexibility is necessary to provide a tailored solution to you and your business that is easily scalable. From permissions and data integration to visualization and reporting, Maptycs is both flexible and customizable to fit your business needs.

Maptycs is module based. This means you get what you need, nothing more, nothing less. Modules are fully integrated and work well together, but also add value independently.

Collect. Consolidate. Analyze.

Maptycs helps manage business information related to locations, policies, claims, and more. Data in a variety of formats is easy to integrate into maptycs, no matter the size.


Maptycs helps collect and centralize all risk and insurance information. Among many sources and formats, data such as SOV’s are immediately accessible via any device and ready for assessment.  

Policies and Programs

Easily collect insurance information and make save time during renewals. Maptycs makes managing policies and insurance programs easier.


Maptycs helps consolidate and standardize data from a variety of sources, allowing you to spot trends and run more meaningful analytics.

What’s inside

We use advanced, modern technology to provide the highest level of performance

API Centric Architecture

As part of its modern infrastructure, Maptycs is API based to allow easy integration with other enterprise applications while remaining reliable and secure.

The Highest Security

Maptycs’ state of the art security system enables international access while keeping information safe. We chose AWS (Amazon Web Services) as our cloud infrastructure, rated the most secure cloud computing environments available multiple years running.


Spark is an engine for large-scale data processing that operates at unprecedented speeds.(Faster than Hadoop) It provides high speed analytics necessary to harness insight and empower users when paired with a user friendly front end.

Cloud Computing

Using Cloud Computing Services allow for significant operational cost savings with consistent performance at the local and global level. Businesses are able to deploy projects quickly and scale up and down as needed.

In-Memory Database

We use MemSQL, the fastest In-Memory Database. An in-memory database efficiently manages big data and is ideal for risk management. By leveraging MemSQL, Maptycs simultaneously ingests, stores and analyzes data, providing real time analytics and immediate insight for fast, accurate decision making.

Proprietary Cloud GIS

As the foundation for visualization and analysis, the Geographic Information System (GIS) must be sophisticated, reliable, and quick. We developed our own GIS to deliver a high level of performance while transforming large datasets into strategic insight for accurate planning, analysis & decision making.

Elevate Your Risk Management

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