Siloed risk data inadequate for climate risks.

Traditionally siloed risk data is unable to adequately protect against the rapidly changing world of climate risks. Enhanced analytics allow for more complex interdependencies to provide nuanced understanding of risk in the 21st century. #riskmanagement #climaterisk #risktech #insurtech

Deloitte advises three-pronged approach for proactive climate resilience in new report.

Deloitte’s newest report on climate resilience advises a three-pronged approach for risk and insurance professionals, centered on proactive risk analysis with a more targeted climate strategy, innovations in product and services, and enhanced capabilities in both the types of data and depth of analytics. Effective risk management requires identifying the actionable insights hidden in your…

Great insurtech works with legacy systems, not only replace them.

Great #insurtech should be able to wrap around legacy systems to provide the data analytics capabilities while maintaining continuity. While the industry is beginning to truly embrace technology, rip and replace is not an option for many risk and insurance professionals. Supercharge your existing processes with Maptycs to identify the actionable insights hidden in your…

Still relying on spreadsheets?

Do you still rely on spreadsheets for risk management? Data security issues are inherent to overreliance of traditional spreadsheets – perhaps its time to make a change. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #datasecurity #riskanalytics