2021 Hurricane Season Begins in One Week.

The 2021 hurricane season begins next Tuesday, with several reports indicating another season with high-level storm activity and severe property damage. Advanced #insurtech and #risktech allow risk and insurance professionals to be flexible and proactive in their planning and response, learning from the lessons of 2020. #riskmanagement #hurricaneseason #climaterisk

US President Biden Orders Greater Climate Risk Disclosures.

U.S. President Biden’s executive order this week underscores a broader international trend for greater climate risk disclosure and climate analysis. Lack of awareness is lack of preparedness – connect with MAPTYCS to see how risk and insurance professionals are using our geospatial visualization platform to proactively identify their climate risks. #risktech #insurtech

2021 Hurricane Season may be off to an early start.

While the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1st, early signs of tropical storm development signals a potentially busy season this year. Risk and insurance professionals should proactively prepare to adjust risk strategies as weather forecasts develop. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #hurricaneseason

Climate risk disclosures becoming more stringent in 2021.

Climate risk disclosure requirements are increasing for companies that face physical climate risks like fire and floods. As risk and insurance professionals manage greater obligations to quantify and assess climate risks, MAPTYCS provides the best platform to proactively manage risk strategies and rapid response to severe weather events. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #climaterisk

National Hurricane Preparedness Week a Reminder to Be Proactive

As National Hurricane Preparedness Week comes to a close, risk and insurance professionals should proactively advise clients how to prepare their property and employees for an above-average hurricane season. Staying informed and prepared for severe weather events is crucial for risk resilience. Maptycs’ real-time weather events analytics and geospatial visualization platform keep our customers one…

Geospatial Technology Builds Climate Risk Resilience.

Geospatial technology is the backbone for future risk resilience against climate risk, with flood forecasting models, early warning systems, and contextual risk awareness. Maptycs proprietary geospatial visualization platform is designed for risk and insurance professionals to unlock actionable insights hidden in your risk exposure data. Connect with our team to see how Maptycs is being…

Once laggards, insurers are investing more into big data and analytics

While insurance companies have been “laggards compared to their financial services counterparts” when it comes to big data and analytics, insurers are slowly starting to change as “more insurers see concrete results from investments in innovation and technology.” Transform your risk exposure data into actionable insights with Maptycs data analytics and geospatial visualization platform. Connect…

Top Tech Trends for Insurers in 2021.

Dat-driven insurance, move to digital platforms, and cloud computing are the top 3 tech trends shaping 2021. Connect with our team to see how the Maptycs platform is revolutionizing risk analytics with our groundbreaking geospatial visualization platform. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement