Risk data only as valuable as ease of use.

Risk exposure and real-time data is only valuable if the data can be seamlessly collected, integrated, and analyzed. It’s why Maptycs’ geospatial platform is built for ease-of-use and analyzes multiple data formats and large sizes so risk and insurance professionals can focus on acting on insights rather than finding them. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #propertycasualty #GIS

Resiliency requires better tools.

The two of biggest risks against resiliency in 2021 are climate change and brittle supply chains. Risk and insurance professionals must take advantage of the tools available to them to build resilient risk mitigation strategies. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement

QotW: “When you have software solutions that cross multiple departments, insurers will take significant leaps forward.”

Quote of the Week: “When you have software solutions that cross multiple departments, provide orchestration of several workflows, and either automatically optimize, or at least provide recommendations, insurers will take significant leaps forward.” Connect with our team to see how the Maptycs platform removes data silos to open up communication and unlock actionable insights into…

Digital tools essential for meeting raised client expectations.

Risk and insurance professionals require digital tools to meet clients’ expectations for quicker, more transparent, and more insightful information. As businesses invest into their digital infrastructure, look for “solutions that combine the benefits of human interaction and oversight with technology that’s fast and user friendly.” #insurtech #risktech #riskmanagement

January 2021 renewal period more difficult to navigate than normal.

The January 2021 renewal period requires even greater nuance in analysis and preparation than normal, as “experienced underwriters once again find that capital and competition may make their forward-looking 2021 portfolio projections inaccurate (or impossible to achieve).” Risk and insurance professionals should continue pressing to stay ahead of the curve. Connect with our team to…