The West Coast wildfires have already put an estimated $120B at risk, and the threat of

More than 20% of flood claims come from outside of FEMA’s flood zones. While much of

A recent survey shows that more than one-third of CFOs have prioritized digital transformation following the

In rapid response to catastrophic events, cross-functional teams that communicate quickly and openly are the key

Quote of the week: “Investing $1 in resilience early helps avoid on average $5 in future

The early start of the California wildfire season, which has burned more acres than the whole

Rapid response to catastrophic weather events must take into consideration “the loss of available personnel both

“Wildfires in 2020, even at this early stage of the California season, have already burned more

Since the beginning of 2020, reports indicated an above-average hurricane season this year. Hurricane Laura’s upgraded

Captive formations have jumped more than 200% in the first half of 2020, particularly for property