Start renewal conversation early.

Airmic’s deputy CEO, Julia Graham, urges insurance buyers to start their renewal negotiations as early as possible to stay ahead of the rapidly hardening market. Maptycs’ platform provides risk and insurance professionals a significant leg up in understanding company’s risk exposures and take a greater analytical and strategic approach to negotiations. #riskmanagement #risktech #insurtech

S&P: Beware the second wave.

A global second wave of Covid-19 is likely on the near horizon, and S&P warns it will further erode re/insurer’s capital buffers into the second-half of 2020. Property insurers, reinsurers, and risk professionals should be taking proactive steps now to evaluate business interruption coverages and exclusions and continue reanalyzing their risk strategies. Maptycs’ platform empowers…

Reinsurance rates up ~20% on July 1st.

Reinsurance rates improved by 20% on July 1st, but captive managers and brokers should be wary as retrocession rates have increased sharply. For carriers, this means taking a serious look at your own exposures and adjusting risk appetites heading into 2021. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #riskexposure #reinsurance #insurance

Raised hurricane forecasts present urgency to update risk management strategies.

Colorado State University and Tropical Storm Risk have raised hurricane forecasts once again, predicting more serious potential natural catastrophes for this year’s hurricane season. Companies should incorporate the new data to update their models and adjust their risk management strategies. Maptycs combines real-time weather reporting with your property data to ensure risk is effectively mitigated.…

Investments in insurtech must come with reviewing new opportunities.

Insurtech has grown in importance as the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed insurers to introduce new technologies into their tech stack. In this process, it is imperative for insurers to intertwine digital innovation and technological advances into their core strategies and reevaluate the opportunities these new technologies provide. #insurtech #risktech #riskmanagement #riskmitigation

Now is the time for vigilance.

As infections rates in Florida continue doubling every week in June, companies must prepare for sudden shifts in reopening and closing of properties. It is important now to stay vigilant with risk management practices and think in the long-term to see over the hill. #risktech #covid19 #insurtech #riskmanagement #riskmitigation

Remember to prepare for an above-average hurricane season.

Forecasters predict a 60% chance of an above-normal hurricane season, with only 10% chance being below-normal. While companies are focused on Covid-19 response, it’s crucial to stay aware of natural hazard risks that may compound risks already being managed. #riskmanagement #risktech #hurricanseason #insurtech #naturalcatastrophes #climaterisk

“New” approaches to risk management, post-Covid-19.

The “new” approaches to risk management are all about utilizing the new technologies available to strengthen best practices – better monitor risks through centralized data and improved collaboration. It’s why Maptycs was created by veterans of the insurance and risk management industry to meet the present and future needs of risk professionals. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement…