Impactful insurtech is more than just the technology

Impactful #insurtech is more than just the technology; it requires a deep understanding of how risk and insurance professionals work collaboratively, as well as the integrating seamlessly with the systems they already depend on. Maptycs is founded and designed by insurance veterans with decades of experience understanding the industry’s challenges. Connect with our team to…

Climate risk models underestimate climate risk by as much as 50%.

A new report by S&P Global Ratings indicate that reinsurers may be underestimating climate risk exposure by up to 50%, modeling extreme weather events as less frequent than they should. Inaccurate climate risk modeling adds “significant potential for volatility in earnings and capital” and highlights the need for more advanced analytics. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #climaterisk

NFIP New Models Create Waves.

Regulation changes, such as the National Federal Insurance Program’s (NFIP) new model, can catch brokers, underwriters, and risk managers unawares. Be prepared, proactive, and protected by staying ahead of the curve and identifying the cascading impacts of shifts in regulations. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #NFIP

Bridge Communication Gaps For Risk Professionals.

Communication gaps in the #insuranceindustry grow when risk and insurance professionals don’t have effective ways to unify internal data. Automating, standardizing, and cataloging property risk data is a crucial first step in empowering your teams. Maptycs provides an intuitive platform designed to support risk professionals to accurately assess property risks across their portfolio. Connect with…