A more holistic approach to climate risk.

For insurers and reinsurers, a firmer understanding of climate risks and opportunities is necessary to create a forward-thinking climate action strategy. A recent white paper by WTW and Wellington Management provides an 8-step guide in managing climate change, which involves more nuanced analytics of climate risk scenarios. #risktech #climatechange #climaterisk #insurtech #insuranceindustry https://www.linkedin.com/posts/maptycsriskmanagement_a-holistic-approach-to-climate-risks-and-activity-6854423605279821824-5BJr

Most all ratings agencies reevaluating risk analysis methodology.

Almost all rating agencies are reevaluating how they handle catastrophe risk, particularly related to property risk from climate change. With S&P Global already announcing a review of its methodology for insurer capital analysis, risk and insurance professionals should take extra steps to review their own portfolios with advanced analytics #risktech#insurtech#riskmanagement#climaterisk https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6854133015707230208

“Insurance has always been a people business.”

“Insurance has always been a people business — the industry is built on relationships and helping people through times of need.” #insurtech and #geospatialdata tools that focus on enhancing – not replacing – the human-side of the #insuranceindustry drive success for the top risk and insurance professionals. #risktech #riskmanagement

FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0 Goes Into Effect.

FEMA’s new Risk Rating 2.0 goes into effect for new policies, shifting how flood insurance premiums are calculated. Risk and insurance professionals who respond quickly to ensure a seamless transition open opportunities for greater growth and higher customer satisfaction. Proactively responding to regulatory changes requires a platform that can identify actionable insights hidden in your…

Great insurtech strips away the noise.

Energy spent hunting down the correct documents, or diving through multiple spreadsheets, is energy taken away from building stronger client relationships. Great #insurtech is accessible, flexible, and designed to strip away the noise, so you can focus on what matters. #riskmanagement #insuranceindustry #risktech

Impactful insurtech is more than just the technology

Impactful #insurtech is more than just the technology; it requires a deep understanding of how risk and insurance professionals work collaboratively, as well as the integrating seamlessly with the systems they already depend on. Maptycs is founded and designed by insurance veterans with decades of experience understanding the industry’s challenges. Connect with our team to…