AXA Insurance Company and Maptycs Announce Risk Management Insurtech Partnership

We’re very excited to be selected by AXA Insurance Company as an Insurtech partner.  CEO and President of AXA Insurance Cie Dawn Miller says “Maptycs has given us a lens on our business and on the potential challenges facing our lines.”

Responding to Hurricane Harvey with Maptycs Insight

Visualizations of Harvey provided real-time insight that allowed for data-driven decision making, essential to business as the storm evolved. Maptycs displayed Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities alongside properties making it easy to identify and assess locations at risk.

Maptycs is approved as an official IBM Business Partner

Maptycs is now an IBM Business Partner and plans to incorporate data from The Weather Channel (owned by IBM) into the Maptycs platform in order to provide additional insight into businesses real time risk exposure.

EQ in Italy Aug 23 2016
Real-time earthquake analysis

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit central Italy (just 10km SE of Norcia). Maptycs users were automatically notified of the quake along with a list of their exposed locations and their corresponding data (TIV, Property Value, Number of Employees)

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Maptycs Update

We re-branded so the Maptycs brand represents the value our solutions provide. “Today’s Risk Management teams need software to do more, that’s why we completely revolutionized the workflow and technology,” said Ernest Legrand, CEO of Maptycs.”

Financial Times
In the Media: Financial Times

“Maptycs allows risk managers and insurers to make instant assessments of their property and business interruption exposure, identify and monitor local events and produce customized reports”

WEC copy
In the Media: World Economic Forum

Maptycs was mentioned in the article, The Rejuvenation of Insurance, This is Why it Matters, published in the WEC for our contribution to the insurance industry’s transformation through modern risk assessment technology solutions and high-performance GIS.