Insurtechs Looking to Change the Insurance Landscape

Within balanced ecosystems, insurtechs and insurers can combine their respective expertise and collaborate efficiently to achieve better and faster the necessary transformation to manage climate risks, meet clients’ expectations, and close the gaps for underserved markets.

Maptycs help its client assess property risk exposure and climate risks in real-time.
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Ecosystems: Endless Opportunity—for All

Great thought leadership article from Laura Drabik, Chief Evangelist Officer at Guidewire Software.
“Coupled with the right platform, a robust ecosystem can help insurers meet ever-changing customer needs, protect and expand market share and achieve sustainable business growth—by collaborating with insurtechs instead of competing with them”.

Climate Change is causing Extreme Weather Volatility

#climatechange is causing extreme weather volatility, and the insurance market is experiencing a rise of catastrophic losses. WE DELIVER FAST AND VERSATILE CLIMATE RISK ASSESSMENT. Maptycs® is a new generation of risk data analytics and #geospatial risk assessment solution for property risk analysis and real-time weather events monitoring. It is offered as a SaaS model.…

Maptycs host a Successful Event during NY Insurtech Week

Terrific Insurtech Insights NY event last week with world-class speakers addressing the hottest Insurtech challenges and opportunities. Maptycs® made valuable connections throughout the conference, and a big thank you to all our guests at our cocktail party in The Shed Building. It was a unique venue and a relaxing atmosphere for everyone, and we will…

There is a long path from Data to Information to Insights

Most of us agree that to compete in the new digital economy, businesses must become increasingly #datadriven. There is a long path from #data to #information to #insights! At Maptycs® we help risk professionnels combine, visualize and analyze multiple datasets in real-time to get #smartinsights and make better and faster decisions. We will share our…

Insurance Technology Trends

Interesting summary on INSURANCE TECHNOLOGY TRENDS uncovered by Laura Drabik. With #climatechange and the rise of #naturaldisasters, P&C INSURERS NEED TO RETHINK RISK ASSESSMENT. Maptycs® has developed a powerful and easy-to-use risk exposure management solution to turn geospatial data into actionable insights and monitor severe weather events in real-time. We are delighted to work with…

What the Insurance Industry Needs

“The industry needs a more holistic platform that has the ability to provide real-time relevant insights from multiple data sources.”

Maptycs’ platform uncovers actionable insights hidden in your risk exposure data with real-time weather monitoring, custom reporting, and geospatial analytics. Connect with our team to see Maptycs in action.