Manual, outdated spreadsheet software likely root source of 16k U.K. Covid-19 case records loss.

The loss of 16,000 Covid-19 case records in the U.K. is likely due in part to outdated spreadsheet software, underscoring how manual, dated technology dramatically increases the potential of large problems. Find the actionable insights hidden in your data through geospatial analytics, not spreadsheets. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #dataanalytics

Physical risk analysis must constantly adapt and change.

The physical risks that businesses are exposed to vary widely from region to region, with some more predictable than others. Proactive risk management means consistently reviewing different geospatial and time horizon models to understand a broader range of outcomes. Maptycs’ platform makes it fast and easy to create and share custom What-If scenarios with geospatial…

Greater collaboration via improved risktech necessary in more highly distributed supply chains.

With a greater trend towards more highly distributed supply chains, legacy systems for risk managers limit collaboration. The alternative: “[use] a cloud-based, software-as-a-service product development platform that allows engineers to simultaneous collaborate, design in real time and automatically keep an immutable, digital record of changes.” Stay ahead of the curve and use Maptycs to find…

California insurer policy cancellation ban set to expire.

California’s temporary ban on insurer policy cancellation is set to expire, which may prompt a mass exodus of insurers from the area. With similar situations throughout the world, it is imperative for both brokers and risk managers to carefully assess their risk strategies to adjust to policy outcomes in the near future. Geospatial analytics provides…

Storm Alex estimated to be $3B impact on region.

Storm Alex is likely to become the costliest European catastrophe this year, with flooding related impacts contributing to the main source of loss. As companies begin assessing the damages, geospatial analysis and real-time analytics are difference makers to provide rapid response insights and peace of mind. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement