Enhanced monitoring, optimized reporting, and streamlined underwriting top the list of changes risk organizations must make

Geospatial analysis has dramatically improved disaster response to Covid-19 by improving emergency resource management and spatial

Effective property risk management entails coordination with local utilities and emergency response units, both in bolstering

Global insurance pricing increased by 20% in Q3, the largest increase since 2012. As risk managers

The risk management function has greater capabilities and responsibilities with the intervention of greater #risktech and

Fintech Global Recognizes Maptycs Among the Most Innovative Solutions Providers in the Insurance Industry New York,

Communicating property risk should be wide-ranging and include large number of stakeholders. Insurers must place a

A key component of customer-centric insurance is limiting the amount of data silos “that hinder effective

“Because geospatial technology employs multiple data sets to create efficient models […], it has the potential

The loss of 16,000 Covid-19 case records in the U.K. is likely due in part to