The California “Big One” has been predicted for years, but the earthquake coverage gap has widened

“After a recurring pattern of [climate risks], they are starting to get priced in and risk

World Economic Forum – “With risk, the writing is always on the wall. We know the

While the commercial property insurance rates increased by a collective 19% this past quarter, an important

Derecho storms in the American Midwest knocked out power for 1m+ customers this week. As the

A new study by Nationwide Insurance presents a gap between the perceived value insurance agents provide

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revised their 2020 hurricane season forecast to “extremely active”

Advanced data analytics is only as useful or accurate as the data that goes in; for

Geospatial analytics and computer vision adds a more “comprehensive view of pre- and post-catastrophe events such

Hurricane Isaias’s status and its impacts change hour by hour, reminding insurers and risk professionals that