MAPTYCS® is a geospatial solution for property risk assessment, climate risk analysis, and #realtime weather events monitoring. We help captives, riskmanagers and insurers gain a granular understanding of their property
During and after adverse weather events, timely loss mitigation and projection are key to protect the company people, assets and liabilities. With
It was Maptycs® first time at ITC Vegas annual event and we had a productive conference. It was inspiring, exciting … and #exhausting ???? Ernest discussed data and ethics in
From the onset Maptycs® geospatial solution focused on user experience user interface and performance to ensure fast adoption. The world is
Maptycs® looks forward to the commercial sustainability conversation at InsureTech Connect conference in Vegas. Smart underwriting requires people expertise, a mix of curated
Climate change is causing pervasive extreme weather, and the insurance market has experienced a rise of catastrophic
With the rise of natural disasters and the explosion of high-quality location-based data developed by specialist
Interesting Insurtech Insights piece on “Effectively optimizing data in insurance”. Indeed, the key to success is within strategy and
Data, expertise, and technologies to combine multiple datasets and get smart insights are increasingly available in
Within balanced ecosystems, insurtechs and insurers can combine their respective expertise and collaborate efficiently to achieve better and faster the necessary transformation to manage climate risks, meet clients’ expectations, and