The Evolution of Risk Data is Inevitable.

The importance of risk data is already well established, but effectively leveraging that data in more creative ways to make more informed decisions is still evolving. Maptycs enriches datasets with actionable insights through geospatial visualization so that risk and insurance professionals can find the actionable insights that remain hidden. Connect with our team to see…

Climate-related catastrophic events are no longer isolated incidents

P&C insurers can not afford to treat climate-related catastrophic events as isolated incidents as natural disasters remain stronger and more frequent. Companies that remain agile, proactive, and aware will succeed in 2022. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #climaterisk #climatechange #insuranceindustry

Insurance Industry Must Take Leading Role in Climate Resilience

Risk and insurance professionals are uniquely poised to build climate risk resilience, being at the forefront of discussions at the UN Climate Change Summit this past month. As insured losses from severe weather events continue to escalate, insurers and brokers must integrate advanced analytics and real-time threat monitoring to ensure sustainability. Connect with Maptycs to…

Risk managers lack visibility of climate risk impacts.

The majority of risk managers don’t have clear visibility of climate risks affecting their value chain, according to a new study published by AXA. As climate risks and regulations take greater presence, risk and insurance professionals must invest in #insurtech and developing skills to effectively analyze and respond to environmental changes. #riskmanagement #risktech #climaterisk

Insurtech should bolster, not replace, risk professionals.

Emerging technologies are a conduit for more effective human interactions; it should bolster the capacities of risk and insurance professionals, not seek to replace them. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #insuranceindustry

For Climate Risk, the Devil is in the Details.

The devil is in the details. Climate risk and regulations require organizations with a global presence to maintain granular insights and awareness of geographic differences to effectively mitigate property risks. Maptycs built a proprietary geospatial visualization platform for risk professionals by risk professionals to help you identify actionable insights hidden in your risk exposure data.…

Controlling catastrophe exposure tops list of reinsurance buying decision drivers.

As the January renewal period approaches, reducing and controlling natural catastrophe exposure top the list of most important drivers of reinsurance purchase decisions. More than the quantity of risk data, depth and breadth of analytics are critical as climate risks rise in frequency and impact. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #insuranceindustry #climaterisk

Are you climate intelligent?

“The first step to managing climate risk is measuring climate risk.” Analyze and understand climate risks with Maptycs. #risktech #insurtech #riskmanagement #climaterisk #insuranceindustry

Greater wildfire losses projected on the horizon.

New wildfire models predict record-breaking fire losses placing more weight on recent years given the rise of climate risk. Effective risk management requires a constant reevaluation of risk models, and as climate change impacts increase, risk and insurance professionals must stay ahead of the curve in accurately recognizing the risks on the horizon. #risktech #insurtech…

Reinsurance rates to increase again in the new year.

Reinsurance rates are likely to increase once again in the new year. With renewal periods on the horizon, risk and insurance professionals must develop more nuanced and proactive risk management strategies to effectively lead in 2022. Actionable insights require more than a quantity of data. Use Maptycs to uncover what is hidden in your risk…